Mission Statement

The Delaware Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (DEVOAD) is the state counterpart to, and a member in good standing of, the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD).  DEVOAD is an autonomous organization with all the rights afforded thereto; however, as a member of the National VOAD it recognizes and complies with the policies and practices set forth in the membership agreement and policy documents of the National VOAD.  



DEVOAD's mission is to bring together voluntary organizations in order to foster more effective and efficient services to the people of Delaware affected by disaster through:

Cooperation: DEVOAD will creating a climate for cooperation among organizations at all levels, and provide a channel for sharing information and planning among voluntary organizations active in disasters.


Communication: DEVOAD will disseminate information through news releases and notices, provide a directory of participating agencies, and will conduct research and demonstration, and analyze case studies  to identify best practices that may further DEVOAD’s mission and purpose.


Coordination:   DEVOAD will develop policies and procedures that increase preparedness and enhance  the delivery of services among member organizations in order to eliminate duplication, maximize resources, and act as  a centralized source of organizational  information and services before, during and after disasters. DEVOAD may also provide links to state, national and even international disaster relief organizations and serve as advocate and liaison between member agencies and the various government entities engaged in disaster relief in the state.


Collaboration: DEVOAD will form partnerships dedicated to working together to achieve specific goals and to undertake specific projects at disaster sites and during disaster recovery.
Education: DEVOAD will provide training and encourage increased  capability and preparedness in each participating organization.


Mitigation: DEVOAD will advocate for policies that can minimize the impact of disasters and/or improve resiliency throughout the State.

Outreach: DEVOAD will meet with civic groups, governmental bodies, and any other relevant organizations throughout the state to raise awareness of the services and capabilities DEVOAD can provide and encourage eligible organizations to participate.